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FireHouse - FireHouse ( full album )

FireHouse is the debut album by FireHouse. It was released in 1990 and launched the band into stardom. It was certified 2x Platinum in the United States, and Gold in Canada, Japan, and Singapore.

The album spawned four singles, "Shake & Tumble", "Don't Treat Me Bad", "All She Wrote", and their signature power ballad, "Love of a Lifetime".

The song "Don't Walk Away" was used in a scene of the 2008 movie The Wrestler, directed by Darren Aronofsky,The song "Overnight Sensation" was a part of the soundtrack in the video game Brütal Legend.

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FireHouse - FireHouse track list :

1. Rock on the Radio
2. All She Wrote
3. Shake & Tumble
4. Don't Treat Me Bad
5. Oughta Be a Law
6. Lover's Lane
7. Home Is Where the Heart Is
8. Don't Walk Away
9. Seasons of Change
10. Overnight Sensation
11. Love of a Lifetime
12. Helpless

FireHouse - FireHouse line up :

C.J. Snare - vocals, keyboards
Bill Leverty - guitars
Perry Richardson - bass guitar
Michael Foster - drums, percussion

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